The law specifies that migrants who do not benefit from the provisions of the Social Protection Law, are entitled to a gratuity of not less than a basic salary for each year of service. Previously, the gratuity was half a month’s wage for each year for the first three years and a month’s wage per year for every subsequent year. The new labor law explicitly mandates a 60-day period during which the employer holds the responsibility to arrange the repatriation of migrant workers. Previously, the law noted no timeframe for repatriation. Importantly, migrant workers who initiate legal proceedings to recover their dues from the employer now have to retain the right to stay in Oman until the claim is decided upon. All costs associated with staying in Oman in such cases are borne by the worker.


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Labour Migration
Labour Disputes
Support and protection of migrant workers and their rights
Updating Labour Laws to Include Labour Migration
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