The database on Migration Policies in the Arab Region aims to facilitate access to migration related policies adopted by Arab countries.  

The database responds to the first objective of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, and Regular Migration, which highlighted the importance of collecting, analyzing and disseminating accurate, reliable and comparable data in order to inform migration policy making and practices. This data is essential to provide evidence-based policy making, and integral for informing migrants themselves of their rights, obligations and options for safe, orderly and regular migration. In addition it facilitates effective national, regional, and global reviews of the implementation of the GCM. 

The database also responds to the needs of policy makers and researchers in the Arab region. By serving as a virtual depository for migration policies including strategies, laws, decrees, and ministerial decisions, the database seeks to bridge the knowledge gap in this area and encourage regional policy analysis of migration issues to improve migration governance. It also allows for establishing a baseline for migration policies against which policy progress can be tracked in the region. 

The information in this database was compiled based on the input received from Member States in addition to the desk research conducted by ESCWA using official government sources complemented with additional reliable online sources. While all attempts were made to make the database as comprehensive as possible, some policies may have been missed. We therefore encourage users to provide us with additional information by sending it to The database will also undergo periodic updates to ensure that the latest policies are included.